The Doctrine of Jesus Christ

The Doctrine of Jesus Christ

“For behold, this is my work and my glory – to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” – Moses 1:39

God’s whole purpose and work, his glory, is to bring to pass our lives forever, and our happiness forever. All that he as made, does, and will do, is for this purpose. I love to look at the stars when i think of this, to think, that all those little specks of glorious light are for me and you.

Now because God loves us so much, he has given us quite a lot for us to by happy and achieve eternal life. For one, he created us the earth for us to inhabit, and has given us our bodies for us to experience the world we live in. He has also given us our families.

He has also given us a plan. Central to this plan is his son Jesus Christ.

This plan is called the Doctrine or Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is very simple, and only has 5 main steps to follow.

1. Faith

2. Repentance

3. Baptism

4. Receiving the Holy Ghost

5. Enduring to the End

– Return to your Father –

Lets break these down over the next few days.

First off Faith.


Making good Timber

Making the most of yourself

Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind, the stronger trees.
The further sky, the greater length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.

– Douglas Malloch, “Good Timber,” in Sterling W. Sill, Making the Most of Yourself (1971), 23.

Are the trials we face curses that God has places to hedge up our way? Or are they gifts, given to us so that we can strengthen our minds and our hearts to endure and learn?

Many have said the perspective is everything. The way you look at things determine their outcome. But the afflictions we face cannot just be looked at and ignored. They come flying at us, and we must cope and adapt to continue on.

But how? How do we understand each stressful bubble that comes into our lives?

Why not ask someone that understands absolutely everything and knows it all?

That principle is called Prayer.

Prayer – communication with your heavenly father.

It is not complicated, and is not hard. We can pray at any time, and in any place. Just talk to your father who is listening.

As your relationship is strengthened, and you realize who you are (A son or daughter of your Heavenly Father), you will begin to understand that !everything! you face in your life is for your benefit and your experience. It is so that when the time comes far from now and you are to return to your father, you will be so much stronger then when you left.

So learn now that the challenges are supposed to make you stronger. So rely on your father, and let them improve you.


Marshmallow Blessings

Marshmallow Blessings

The the photo to go to the video.

I learned something quite profound this morning. It comes from Doctrine and Covenants 131: 20-21

20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

I learned that whenever you are obedient to any commandment, you will be blessed. You have to be blessed. God has to bless you. It may not be right away, or even any time soon, but we are blessed every time we are obedient. No matter what. So press forward, endure to the end with great patience, knowing that you are blessed.


The Facebook Project

The Facebook Project

This is an amazing Idea I found on under the youth section.

A simple plan on social media had a big impact.

As I looked at my list of Facebook friends one day, I decided to try something new. I’d been thinking about individual worth. I’d gained a testimony that we are all sons and daughters of God and are dearly loved. We all have talents and the right and responsibility to use them. When I looked at my peers and neighbors, I wanted to remind them of their unique worth.

And thus the Facebook Project began.

“Every covenant servant of [the Savior] … will receive His guidance by the Spirit as they bless and serve others for Him. And they will feel His love and find joy in being drawn closer to Him.” —President Henry B. Eyring

I decided that every day I would send messages to five people on my friends list and tell them what I like about them. It was a simple goal. I was expecting to merely write a simple sentence or two to each person. And I wasn’t expecting anything more than a simple thank-you in return.

But as I prayed about it to Heavenly Father each morning, I felt inspiration—and my messages became at least a paragraph for each person. Each person is unique and important, so it wasn’t difficult to find people’s talents and gifts, especially with God’s help.

I was overwhelmed by people’s responses! I cannot count how many people said, “That made my day!” Some people said that my message helped them through a trial or changed their perspective. Some of the people I had been most nervous about sending a message to were the most grateful for it. It made me realize that a lot of people struggle with recognizing their self-worth or with feeling hopeful in the deteriorating conditions of today’s world, and a kind, specific comment can mean a lot to them.

I’ve learned a lot from this project. For one thing, people are a lot different from what they may seem to be on the outside. They all have trials and need help. I’ve also learned how readily God will help you when you want to help others. If you have a righteous goal, then He will assist you.

Helping others recognize their self-worth has helped me recognize my own. I know that my experience with this has helped me and a lot of other people too, and I am forever grateful to Heavenly Father.

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 New Era.


God’s Greatest Creation

As children of God, we are His greatest creation. “Anyone who studies the workings of the human body has surely seen God moving in His majesty and power.” -Elder Russell M. Nelson

How special and blessed we are to be made in the image of our god. The amount of pure love he shows us by giving us so much. Our very fingertips themselves.